Eleanor is an introvert who sticks to a very set routine to get her through the working week. A couple of litres of Vodka and a pizza get her over the weekend to Monday morning again. From Friday night to Monday morning she sees no-one but she’s ‘completely fine’. One day Eleanor is forced to do something out of her comfort zone, change has commenced.

Gail Honeyman has formed a character in Eleanor who is unusual but recognisable. She breaks your heart but makes you laugh (albeit unintentionally) and she says the things that you may sometimes think but do not say.

The themes that Gail Honeyman explores with Eleanor Oliphant include loneliness, acts of kindness, how people judge one another in society plus some darker elements which I don’t want to spoil for you.

After much hype I expected to enjoy Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, although I was slightly concerned that the pudding may have been over egged. It had not. What I hadn’t expected was to be so affected by Eleanor the character and the themes within the novel. So much so that I would be thinking about them long after i had closed the cover. Eleanor is the kind of character who stays with you and I do feel that she has more to tell us and room to grow – I just hope Gail Honeyman feels the same and is kind enough to provide us with a sequel!

Much love xxxx

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  1. Thanks! 😊 I know – it’s just sooo good!!😊😊 Be sure to let me know if you here of a sequel, you know how slow i am and I want to be on it haha!!!


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