The Little Book of Hygge The Danish Way To Live Well by Meik Wiking A Review




Published by Penguin Life, part of Penguin Random House, this A5 size chunky hardback book has a beautifully decorated cover which really catches your eye on the shelf.  I managed to resist it a couple of times but finally succumbed as it’s loveliness kept calling out to me.

Once home and curled up under my blanket with a hot chocolate, I soon discovered that I am a natural at Hygge – I had already assumed the position!  But seriously, this book describes in a variety of  diagrams, statistics and becoming photographs what Hygge is, why the Danes are more often than not at the top of the Happiness polls and gives us numerous reasons why and ways how, we can all get on board with something that can only make us feel more relaxed and do us good.

The book itself feels substantial to hold and looks lovely on a coffee table.  It is something you can flick through over and over again to remind you of fun ideas to do with friends or family and even contains traditional Danish recipes.  I will be buying this book again as a gift and I am sold on Hygge.  Meik you can definitely count me in!


Hyggekrog – The nook of a kitchen or living room where one can sit and have a hyygelig time”

The Little Book of Hygge – Meik Wiking


Do you have a Hyggekrog? Mine is my favourite corner with the Union Jack chair as seen in The Snug’s logo.  I love to curl up there and read.  What’s yours?  Do share.

Best Wishes,


Lou x







A book rich Christmas


Oh what a wonderful book rich Christmas we have had here at the Snug with something for everyone! So much so that I have just had to take some (not quite so expert) photos to to let you into the magic of these wonderful treats.

Miss Snug is building up her Early Years resources and received these beautiful books suitable for toddlers and preschool children. The Owl Babies comes with it’s own baby owl to accompany the story  and in a small plastic case making a smart classic gift. I’ll review these books very soon, keep checking back.


I keep a ‘must read’ board on my Pintrest account. Having read a rave review for The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen 83¼ Years Old just before Christmas, I promptly added the book to my board. Imagine my surprise when on Christmas day I received a copy as a gift because Miss Snug had used my list to give hints to Mr Snug! Pintrest is very useful indeed in our house!  I’m looking forward to getting my nose stuck into this book and comparing my thoughts with the review that caught my attention – I’ll let you know.

Helen Fielding’s Bridget Jones’s Baby, The Diaries – Being a major fan of Bridget Jones both movies and books, what could be a better gift. Many years ago, I remember trying to wash up with one hand and read the original Bridget Jones’s Diaries with the other.  Will this be as riveting?


Guy Martin’s Worms to Catch has been a real page turner for Mr Snug over the past couple of days and although he has told me some bits and pieces I will get a full review and post it for you once he’s finished. Jamie Vardy – From Nowhere, My Story will be next on his list so look out for that one too.


You may recognise these three titles from the Zoella Book Club. Miss Snug has already started The One We Fell In Love With by Paige Toon.  I think I may also be seeking permission to have a read of these as they look so tempting!

Well I think I had better stop there although there were a couple more books in the sacks but they can wait for another day.  Which titles did you receive in your stockings and how do you choose which one to read first?

Hope your Christmas season is continuing to be a happy one.

Much love

Lou x



Christmas with an (almost) Grown Up Family

Make sure there are enough throws/blankets around for anyone who feels the cold (like me!)

The youngest member of The Snug is Panther (the cat), 15 years old with the odd patch of grey setting in. Therefore Christmas is now a much more ‘grown up’ affair with human ages ranging from 20 years to nearly 80.  As the host or hostess it can be quite a responsibility to keep everyone suitably entertained over such a range. With this in mind here are a few things that can be slotted in here and there  without making the day too  regimented and people can join in or not as they feel fit:-

  • Buy crackers with racing characters inside.  These are always good for a laugh in between courses.  We keep them year after year and use nail varnish to paint numbers or initials on, so that people can have their favourites again! Who will win – the sprout or the reindeer?
  • Small puzzles are also handy for at the table amusement, such as the metal interlinked type.  These can create a competitive element too for little outlay.
  • Buy a game that all the family can join in.  The choice of game will very much depend on your family make-up.  Physical games such as Butt Head (entails the throwing of soft balls onto another player’s head, who is wearing a Velcro point scoring hat), can be a winner especially after a few drinks for some families, whereas a traditional board game can be the order of the day for others.
  • Go traditional by asking your guests to bring a game that evokes special memories for them.  My in-laws had games stashed away from my husband’s childhood which provoked great competitiveness between the siblings!
  • Suggest that each person brings a couple of photos or find a few photos of Christmases past yourself.  This is a lovely conversation starter, especially if you have lost someone dear and can look back on happy times with them.
  • Pop some books out on the coffee table (especially if you’ve received new ones for Christmas) so that people can have a quiet moment and a browse.  Another good conversation starter.
  • Keep a pack of playing cards to hand and if you are like us a book with how to play various card games.
  • Have gentle background music on – plan in advance. Any lulls are then comfortable and relaxing, rather than awkward.
  • Make sure there are enough throws/blankets around for anyone who feels the cold (like me!).  This way, everyone can enjoy the day at their own comfortable temperature.
  • Check out anything special on TV that may be a must watch for your gathering and prepare drinks and nibbles to coincide.

I hope these ideas have helped you with your Christmas and New Year’s gatherings.  Wishing you a wonderful time with your loved ones.  Keep on making those special memories xxxx