I needed a light easy read to distract me through a rough patch and I needed it instantly. This being the case I popped over to Amazon (this is not a promotion of any kind) and checked out their books for Kindle. I still prefer to read i ‘book ‘ rather than digital format so I was pleased with the price of 99p and after reading some reviews and a reasonable sized sample of the book off I went.

It has been a while since I have read this genre and I don’t know if this is the reason why I hadn’t heard of Eva Woods but I’m so glad I’ve discovered her. Without giving the story away both Annie and Polly have been experiencing difficult times, the author deftly  combines empathy, humour and a few ‘oh no!’ moments as she weaves a tale through an unlikely friendship, work and human relationships. The book is written in quite short chapters around the idea that Polly is going to ensure Annie finds happiness in a 100 days. This works really well if you are someone who needs to break off from their reading regularly.  Some sad bits but overall a positive read. Like a hug in a book!

Please note that if you are in the USA this book is published as ‘Something like Happy’

Does your mood influence your reading choices? Do let me know.

Much love xxxx

3 thoughts on “How To Be Happy by Eva Woods – A Review

  1. Hope you’re alright 😘 Books are great for getting through rough patches. I wish I let my mood choose my books more often, I once took two weeks to finish a book (which is weird for me) because I wasn’t in the mood but I was so stubborn I didn’t want to put it down and pick up something else. So silly!

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    1. Aww thanks Beth, you’re so kind ☺ I know this one really helped take my mind off things and was just right for how i was feeling. Definitely not silly – I know what you mean as I have a problem giving up on a book if I’ve started it. Mine is a sort of guilt towards the author for not finishing it. I’ve been struggling with Happy by Fearne Cotton for months and instead of just admitting that I don’t get along with it i keep trying as I feel bad about not finishing it (plus it’s a really pretty book and I want to like it!) Haha!

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