Without me realising, these three sentences from Martin Dorey’s ‘No More Plastic ‘ must have made quite an impact on me since I read it yesterday afternoon. As I brushed my teeth before bed i glanced around the bathroom at the other toothbrushes, toothpaste container, shampoo, conditioner and other shower items on display – all plastic. Disappointing as that was I dared myself to open the bathroom cabinet as Martin suggested and there was more plastic than I felt comfortable with in there too. This morning, I have looked in my fridge and under my sink – I could ( and will) do so much better. I will let you know how I progress with my various #2minutesolution actions in upcoming blogs so make sure you follow if you’re interested, for now, on with the review.  

The book itself is compact and will fit neatly into a bag or large pocket. At 148 pages with medium sized writing it is a quick read and I think it is all the better for that. It gives clear reasons why everyone should do their best to change their relationship with plastic. It is practical as it gives solutions which can be achieved in two minutes at the end of each chapter, plus a tick list of these at the end of the book.The book also offers suggestions to make changes quicker and easier,  e.g. the  website for where to find your local milkman.  Martin Dorey is non preachy just asking everyone to do something so that together we can make a big difference.I’m up for that!

Much Love xxxx

4 thoughts on “No More Plastic – what you can do to make a difference By Martin Dorey, Chris Packham (foreword) – A Review

  1. Haha! It’s actually a really quick read even for me who reads slower than a slow thing πŸ˜‰ Looking at your blog, you look like you do tons of the right stuff already😊 xxxx


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